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16 May 2008 @ 04:50 pm

A Rose Weasly & Scorpius Malfoy Mix
 A Mix I made about the second generation Potter Characters, Rose Weasley and Scorpius Malfoy.
Just something that's been brewing in my brain.

 A Rose Weasley/Scorpius Malfoy Mix

Temporary Insanity;

She hated him, always had and always would. Ever since she had first stepped off the train and h'ed taken one look at her red hair and petit frame and dubbed her "measley weasley" she'd loathed him. A stupid, stuck up slytherin charming his way through life on good looks, and a crooked smile. It was the summer before sixth year and much to her despair she was staying at Uncle Percy's. It wasn't that she didn't love spending summers with her cousin Molly, no, it was where the lived. The beautiful lake that had once been the glory of her summers as a child was tainted. The house across the lake, grand and glamorous was his home, the family that shared the lake was his family. "Great.." She thought despairingly, " a summer with Scorpius Malfoy as my neighbour, just great."

He needed this. A summer away from her. The thoughts he'd been having about her had made his stomach sick. But no, of course not, this had to be the summer that she would be living just across his lake. Swimming in his lake... almost na-. He couldn't go there, not again, it was wrong, she was who she was. An annoying, bright, over-achieving, simply gorgeous gryffindor. The beautiful lake that he loved would be poisoned with her intoxicating scent, he would never be able to touch it's waters again. How had this happened? He was quidditch captain, a prefect, charmer of women, he didn't give a shit about anyone or anything, but he couldn't get her off his mind. "Great..." He thought sickly, " a summer with Rose Wealey as my neighbour, just great."

1. Dear Blank by Hedley (m4a)

So take a number, get in line I'll tell you all where to go,
It's last call, here I am again in the hall,
I guess nobody gets my jokes at all
It's no prize being me and getting to wise, they just make you turn around and go apologize.
I don't wanna lose what I've got, but you'll never here me say I'm sorry
No, I don't owe anything, to hell with I'm sorry, bombs away!
No, I don't owe you anything, you're like a bullet to my brain
I'm not gonna kill my fun if you coulda done this thank you just the same.
Cuz I don't owe you anything.

He's Scorpius Maloy, and he doesn't give a shit. Screw peoples feelings, he does what he wants, no apologies. He spots her in the hall struggling with her books. "You know measley, books don't qualify as friends." He heard his friends snicker behind him, but for once all he could focus on was the colour in her cheeks and her blazing eyes, and felt his body lurch. Quickly he left the hall leaving her to curse words at his back.

2. Again By Faber Drive
underneath my skin is it just anger, just frustration?
underneath my skin is it decisions or these feelings?
it always hurt my mind (it always hurt my mind)
it always killed my pride inside.
it always wastes my time
again, again..
again i bleed, again i shake.
again i fall, again i break.
wasted, hated.
again, again..

He drove her crazy. Noone got under her skin like that, not even James. Dominique had once made some ridiculous diagnoses, that she, Rose Weasley could possibly be actracted to Scorpius Malfoy. Yes, he may have had a perfectly fit body, and peircing blue eys, but the thought that she might "like" him was porposterous he made her life miserable, and had since first year.
He'd been home a few weeks, before he saw here there. Out at the lake, dipping her feet in the cool water. It was a sweltering day and the ammount of clother ( or lack thereof) was barely legal. He felt his body pull him out of his house and down the path until he was but a few feet from her. She looked up, startled.
"What are doing here Malfoy?" Her voice was etched with annoyance.
He opened his mouth to speak but hse cut him off, "No, i don't care. I'm just as unhappy about this little summer arrangement as you are- actually come to think about it, you're probably enjoying this, sadistic prat that you are, but either way, we're dealing with this. I act like you don't live across the lake and you act like I'm not here. Understand.?" She turned on her heel and stormed away, yet all he could think about was the taste of her lips.

3. You Got Me All Wrong By Dios Malos
You got me all wrong
You wandered away
Without which I am nothing
Much more than I can say
You got me all wrong

It was killing him that she despised him so, when he wanted to kiss her so badly. He watched her every day, down at the lake, going for a walk and cooling down. She did it every day at least once or twice; those were the times he looked most forward to. She moved like ballerina, poised and graceful, and he wanted her so badly. That early evening, he to found himself out at the lake, knowing full well she would turn up soon.
"I thought we an understanding Malfoy." There she was standing in front of him, his poison apple. He walked up to her, stopping barely inches from her mouth.
"You can't control everything Weasley." Turning on his heel he walked away leaving her hot and flustered.

4. Secret Heart By Feist
Secret heart
What are you made of
What are you so afraid of
Could it be
Three simple words
Or the fear of being overheard
What's wrong
Let em' in on your secret heart
Secret Heart
Why so mysterious
Why so sacred
Why so serious
Maybe you're
Just acting tough
Maybe you're just not man enough
What's wrong
Let em' in on your secret heart
This very secret
That you're trying to conceal
Is the very same one
That You're dying to reveal
Go tell him how you feel

Ever since that evening she couldn't get him off her thoughts. He was premanently fixed into her mind, driving her mad. Worst of all she hadn't seen him for weeks, wait, wasn't that best of alll?
Eversince that evening he couldn't get her off his thoughts. The scent of her skin, the glint in her eyes, everything about her haunted his dreams. It was unsatisfied yearning in his gut, making him sick every day. He hadn't dared to go out there for weeks, fearing his own actions, but then he saw her, out by the water staring at his window as if attempting to pull him out there with her mind.
She didn't know what she was going to say to him as she saw him draw nearer and nearer to her. She didn't need to. He didn't stop until he was practically touching her. Grabing her wrist he pulled her into the thick shade of willow trees. He whipped her around quickly, and then pushed his lips against hers, pinning her against a tree. Her lips followed his guide. His fingers roamed her bare legs and the skin that had snuck out from under her shirt. She could feel herself getting hotter, his finger tips searing her skin, then suddenly he pulled away and with out looking at her stormed off towards his home. He didn't come out at all those last few weeks of summer.

5. Temporary Insanity By Alexz Johnson (m4a)
What just happened?
Did you kiss me?
Cause that's a place we've never been until now
And I don't know how it's gonna be after this
Do we pretend these feelings don't exist at all
Or do we fall?
My confusion shows whenever you get so close
I stumble, I stutter, forget what to say
I'm nervous, I wonder why I'm acting this way
It's temporary insanity
What's going on with you and me?
Is it real or is it fantasy?
Forever or just temporary?
Woah, oh, oh (insanity)
Woah, oh, oh
You made a move don't change your mind
Too much to lose, we've crossed the line between friends
And something more
Was it all a big mistake?
And if it was, it's much too late to undo
And I don't really want to

He'd left her in confusion all summer, and now there he was all on his own her only opportunity she guessed. She walked up to him silently, barely making eye contact and pulled him into the empty cart.
"What are you doing?" He asked and she saw the faintest glint of hope in his eyes.
"This." Her lips found his easily, as if she'd been doing it for a long time. Then she pulled away and looked up at him, " you don't get to call all the shots Malfoy."

6. Good Night and Go By Imogen Heap
Why'd ya have to be so cute?
It's impossible to ignore you,
Must you make me laugh so much?
It's bad enough we get along so well..
Say goodnight and go.
Why's it always always:
goodnight and go?
Oh, Darling not again,
Goodnight and... go...

The room of requirement had proved to be an exceptional find for Rose. It was there place, they would meet there every night. The first time he'd been so gentle, she could hardly believe it was him. At the last second before she lost herself completely, she'd looked up into his eyes, and coul feel her heart pounding through her chest. She hated when he left, with her following minutes after. "Goodnight." He'd whisper and then leave her to go back to her dormitory all alone.


She'd been so beautiful that first time, he couldn't take his eyes off of her. It wasn't his, but he knew it was not just her first time with him. He'd been careful, he hadn't wanted to hurt her. The look in her eyes was worth everything, and premanently tattooed in his brain.

7. Under The Covers By The Spill Canvas 
If I could sleep forever
Would you still be in my dreams?
If I could sleep forever
Would you still be in my dreams?

She lay still, hair falling over face, beautiful. "Rose," he whispered.
"I love you."

8. Your Eyes By Alexz Johnson
Your eyes are holding up the sky
Your eyes make me weak, I don't know why
Your eyes make me scared to tell the truth
I thought my heart was bullet-proof
Now I'm dancing on the roof
And everybody knows I'm into you

The whispers were growing. Why was Rose Wealey sneaking out of the dormitory? Ella Thomas had seen her leaving multiple times. She'd let her guard down, people were noticing the looks that she and Scorpius gave eachother. The brushes in the hallway that were easily avoidable, yet still happened. They grew louder, and soon everybody knew the truth, Rose Wealey was sleeping with Scorpius Malfoy. Everyone knew, including her father.

"Do you know who is family is? What they've done?"
"Yes Dad bu-"
"You're just a game to him. That's what the Malfoys are like."
"He's different!"
"He's not good enough for you."
"I can't even look at you right now."

9. Try By Nelly Furtado
 Then I see you standing there
Wanting more from me
And all I can do is try
Then I see you standing there
Wanting more from me
And all I can do is try

"But it's killing him Scor, he's never looked at me like that. Albus, Molly and James aren't speaking to me!"
"Jesus, Rose, what are we doing here then?"
"I'm trying, what more do you want from me?"
"I just want you."

10. White Lines By Alexz Johnson
I tried to tell you I’ve got to get away
I tried to say I need my space
I’ve got to get some distance in between
My heart and my head
I’m on the razors edge
I've been here before
I know the way

"I'm sorry, I can't, it's too hard... it's not wo-"
"Not what? Worth it? Why don't you just say it? I'm not worth it."
"You know that's not true, you know I love you."
"Then why are you doing this, you're family will get over it."
" I don't think they will... I have to go."
She kissed him softly, then turned away and ran, her body twitching with every sob.

11. Change For You By The Midway State
What if i change for you, then will you see me, still with you.
I 'd never do it; Im no fool.
Honey Im not you.
I walk away, thinking back to the days, that I held you close
with your puffy white coat, and you told me joe, I could never let go
"I need you more, then life it's self", and the rain poured down
and I kept you dry, and I took the tears fallen from your eyes, and the snow came down
and I kept you warm, and I kept you safe from your daddys dorm, when he said to you
that you cant see me, "all those pools boys got nothing good to be", now they got to you,

He would have changed for her, done anything for her... she made her choice. His friends were following him like sheep when he saw her, books in hand, "hey measley, you know books don't qualify as friends right?"
The look on her face as she ran past him, crying nearly broke him.

12. Noones Gonna Love You By Band of Horses
But no one is ever gonna love you more than I do
No one's gonna love you more than I do
And anything to make you smile
It is my better side of you to admire
But they should never take so long
Just to be over then back to another one
But no one is ever gonna love you more than I do
No one's gonna love you more than I

She missed him. It was that simple, she'd been an idiot and she wanted him back. She watched Milly Flint throw herself at him every day, and it made her sick. As steady as she could she walked up to the slytherine table, their eyes burning through her, but all she could see was him.
"Is there something you'd like?"
"Yes... you. Noone's ever going to love you like I do."

He watched her walk away, barely holding back his smile.

13. There's Nothing Like You and I By The Perishers
We spent some time
Together walking
Spent some time just talking
About who we were
You held my hand so
Very tightly
And told me what we
Could be dreaming of
There's nothing like you and I.

The walked along the grounds, side by side, not saying much, just enjoying the silence. He grasped her hand a squeezed it tightly.
" What about-"
"He'll get over it..."
He laughed, " I love you."
"Yeah, I know."
"I love you to."

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neptuneprincess on May 17th, 2008 07:45 am (UTC)
wow thanks, yeah i felt the story was needed to understand my reasons for the songs.